The Evolution of Storing Historic Moments


The first-ever mass-produced book is printed in Mainz, Germany by Johann Gutenberg. It has since become known as the Gutenberg Bible.


The first-ever mass-produced photo camera for the public was the launch of the Kodak #1 camera by George Eastman.


Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs democratizes the capture and storage of moments with the launch of the iPhone - a touchscreen mobile phone with an inbuilt camera.


Moments launches the first-ever Multiverse NFT Moment stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, which transforms the way collectors own and experience historic moments.


About Moments

Moments is a premium, exclusive and experiential NFT Marketplace. Moments is a curator and provider of iconic moments. We immortalize culture's most significant moments on the blockchain, forever connecting celebrated Icons and their accomplishments with the collectors who most admire them. Moments drops are carefully curated with a keen eye for their global significance and impact. We understand that we are dealing with shared cultural moments that have a profound and varied impact on each individual. Each Moments drop honors the people who made it possible as well as the original cultural context.

How does the Moments platform work?

What historic moments can I expect to see on Moments?

Moments picks defining historic moments from society's current and past icons and transforms them into one-of-a-kind immersive Multiverse NFTs. We partner with icons of Sports, Culture, Science, Gaming, and Entertainment. We'll announce future drops through our Moments newsletter, so sign up and stay in the loop.

What historic moments can I expect to see on Moments?

What's a Multiverse NFT Moment?

A Multiverse NFT Moment is a three-dimensional digital asset that is tied to a historic moment of an icon or brand. It consists of three distinct dimensions. When combined, it delivers a unique immersive experience and long-term value for the collector. The three dimensions are:


Digital Memorabilia of the Moment

Digital memorabilia can be anything from a historic video moment, an unpublished song, lyrics, a poem, a letter, an essay, or a super rare picture. We make sure they have historical significance, are special to the Icon, and offer collectors a unique value.


An In-Person Experience with an Icon/Brand

This is where you should become even more excited as this will turn your NFT Moment into truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Have you ever wanted to fly across the world and meet your favorite icon in person? Have you ever dreamed of sitting courtside next to them? How about playing a round of golf with them? All these experiences and much more will be part of our unique NFT Moments.


A Hybrid Product for the Physical World and the Metaverse, tied to an Icon/Brand

Each collector receives a unique, custom-made hybrid product set. One of them can be worn and used inside the physical world, while the other is strictly for the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that allow you to meet other people as custom avatars and experience games, parties, art events as well as professional gatherings to just name a few use cases. Virtual worlds like Roblox, Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox, and many more are awaiting you. You can wear, use and trade your unique virtual product as part of your Multiverse NFT within these virtual worlds as well as on Moments and other NFT marketplaces.

Learn more about the Phil Ivey Multiverse NFT


A Legendary Bluff in Poker History

Widely recognized by the community as “one of the greatest bluffs in the history of televised poker,” this moment captures the highest level of intensity and emotions in high-stakes poker. This moment stands for everything fun, fascinating, and exciting about poker, and especially in the immortalized form of an NFT, it's a true cultural asset.


High Stakes Event

Jet off to Las Vegas for an unforgettable High-Roller weekend filled with luxury, entertainment, and exclusive access to Phil Ivey. The auction winner get access to an unforgettable Las Vegas High-Roller experience:

  • Fly to Las Vegas and stay at the Sky Suite inside the Aria Resort for 3 nights
  • Behind the scenes insights from Phil Ivey on his upcoming documentary
  • Play a round of golf with Phil Ivey
  • Party with Phil Ivey and Steve Aoki at Omnia Nightclub
  • Chance to play Phil Ivey for a premium World Poker Tour (WPT) Stay and Play Package during the upcoming WPT Festival in 2021


  • WPT Festival will be a multi week event with special appearances and experiences
  • Player has the option to organize a 6 hsanded game with Phil in Las Vegas if preferred


'Triple Barrel Bluff' Custom Pair of Sneakers

We've partnered with one of the world's most popular pioneers in the luxury footwear and customization space - L.A.- based The Shoe Surgeon, to create an original custom pair of sneakers that represent Phil Ivey's Triple Barrel Bluff moment. “The Triple Barrel Bluff”, a moment that is now considered one of the biggest bluffs in televised poker history, happened between Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan in 2010 during Season 6 of the TV show High Stakes Poker. This one-of-a-kind sneaker has been crafted from scratch by the Shoe Surgeon and all parts of the shoe have been custom designed in memory of the historic moment: textiles, laces, heel-pull, tongue, poker chip, and insoles. The sneaker took several weeks to produce and is a 1/1 rare collectible for the lucky owner. Upon completion of the auction, the winner can exchange this digital version for a physical sneaker pair and provide their size so The Shoe Surgeon team for production. Our Moments Concierge Team will facilitate this process.


Metaverse Sneaker created by The Shoe Surgeon X Phil Ivey

We've partnered with one of the world's most popular pioneers in the luxury footwear and customization space - L.A.- based The Shoe Surgeon, to create his first ever metaverse sneaker: The Shoe Surgeon x Phil Ivey metaverse sneaker. It was designed from scratch in close collaboration with Phil Ivey and the goal was to create a beautiful virtual wearable for the new fashion frontier: the metaverse. We've partnered with one of the leading virtual world platforms, Decentraland, where the asset has been minted and approved by the Decentraland committee. The winner of the auction will own the only edition that will ever be minted and available to be worn and traded inside Decentraland. It's a super rare 1/1 custom virtual sneaker waiting to be owned by one lucky owner!

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